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IDS Logic Packages

Learn more about our IDS Logic packages to find out which one is right for you.


  • Lending Availability Service
  • Enhanced Rulekit
  • Standard Logic Support
    • (6 hours)

IDS Logic Suite ($1,500/year)

  • Lending Availability Service
  • Lending Book Chapter Availability Service
  • Borrowing Availability Service
  • Borrowing Book Chapter Availability Service (with Book Chapter Direct Requester)
  • Logic Rules
  • Enhanced Rulekit
  • Enhanced Logic Support
    • (12 hours)

IDS Project Membership

  • All of IDS Logic Suite, plus...
  • Free Reciprocal Borrowing
  • Mentor Program
  • Community of support
  • Workflow Toolkit
  • User Groups Meetings
  • Online Learning Institute Priority