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Transaction Performance Analysis Module (TPAM)

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With turnaround time such a critical component of user satisfaction, interlibrary loan departments rely heavily upon statistical reports. ILLiad’s Web Reports are a fantastic resource for analyzing the performance of your interlibrary loan department; but for the goals of the Project, as with any consortium, a higher level of analysis is needed to analyze performance at a group level. That led the IDS Project to develop the Transaction Performance Analysis Module (TPAM). The TPAM is a web-based service that pulls the ILLiad transaction data from each member’s SQL server into real time reports (with each report limited by date range and request type). Two particularly useful reports are the:

  • Project Overview Chart – a matrix of all member libraries, this report indicates how well members are meeting the turnaround goals of 48 hours for articles and 72 hours for loans (Figure 1). The matrix is color coded for easier analysis, with green indicating that two libraries have met the goal and red indicating they have not. On mouse-over, a tooltip appears displaying the number of requests between the two libraries and their turnaround time.
Figure 1. Project Overview Chart
  • Transaction Analysis Chart – a bar graph of processing times, this report displays the average amount of time that requests between two libraries spend in the following five phases:
    • Borrowing request processing
    • OCLC request handling
    • Lending request processing
    • Shipping and receiving
    • Customer contact and electronic delivery

This level of analysis can help interlibrary loan staff determine where things are working well, but more importantly what can be improved. For example, in Figure 2, the average time that 3 articles spent in the delivery process was 11.22 hours. This indicates that either Odyssey or Ariel was not being utilized. Had it been, it is likely that 10 to 11 hours could have been saved.